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The purpose of the Society is to honor, commemorate, and perpetuate the memory and values of the United States Coast and Geodetic Survey including both its ancestor and descendant organizations and those who served in their field and office forces. The Society also exists to provide its membership necessary and desirable social, educational, humanitarian, and recreational services.

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The Executive Committee of National ACO Scholarships, Inc. has issued its annual call to high school seniors and college undergrads for applications for scholarship awards for the 2016/2017 academic year. The two-page application form is available on the “Resources” page of the NOAA Officer Family Association website, under the heading “National ACO Scholarships, Inc.” Application forms may also be obtained by contacting Secretary/Treasurer Captain Dave Peterson, NOAA (Ret), by phone (301-921-6357) or email (kmpdhp@comcast.net). Complete application packages should be sent to the corporation’s post office address (on the application form) and should be postmarked this year no later than Friday, April 15, 2016.

Lincoln's slave density map is home again in President Lincoln Cottage

The "slave density map," created by the men of U.S. Coast Survey in 1861, is one of Coast Survey's most treasured historical maps. Artist Francis Bicknell Carpenter included it in his painting, "First Reading of the Emancipation Proclamation of President Lincoln," because Lincoln consulted it so often in devising his military strategy. According to Carpenter, President Lincoln used the map in his decisions to send his armies to free blacks in some of the highest density areas in order to destabilize Southern order. Read more in the new March Buzzard!

NOAA Hurricane Hunters tackle three oceans in October

The NOAA Hurricane Hunters, based in MacDill Air Force Base, Florida, simultaneously supported customers in three oceans in October 2014. Though known for their work in hurricanes, that is not their only mission. When it is not hurricane season, the aircraft, crews, and support staff take on many other projects supporting all of NOAA. They routinely support winter missions, air chemistry missions, and special projects for other customers such as NASA. Read more in the November Buzzard!

Unseen for 125 years, the City of Chester re-emerges on the sonar screen.

More than a century ago, on Aug. 22, 1888, the 202-foot passenger steamer SS City of Chester left San Francisco's Broadway Wharf in a dense fog at around 9 a.m. Just over an hour later, the ill-fated ship lay at the bottom of San Francisco Bay, doomed by a violent collision with the steamer RMS Oceanic, arriving from Asia. Read more here.